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Prof.Liying Wang

Changchun Institute of Technology, China

Research Area: 

Architectural design and theory, building technology

Prof. Liying Wang, postgraduate tutor, Dean of the Design Institute of Changchun Institute of Technology. SHe is the leader of building technology science. President of the Institute of Civil Engineering of Jilin Province, Vice President of the Building Energy Conservation Society and Institute of Architects. Over the years, she has devoted himself to research and design of building energy-saving technologies, architectural design and urban and rural construction planning. SHe has studied building energy-saving technologies in developed countries such as Europe six times. SHe has presided over more than 40 provincial and ministerial-level vertical and horizontal scientific research projects. Moreover, she published nearly 40 papers in academic journals at home and abroad, and published 8 editor-in-chief scientific books and a personal design results set. SHe has won 2 teaching achievements in Jilin Province and 4 scientific and technological progress in Jilin Province and 1 scientific and technological achievement award in Jilin Province, she also participated in more than 100 design projects.


Prof. Hongwen Jin 

Changchun Institute of Technology, China

Research Area: 

HVAC energy-saving technology; renewable energy  utilization technology

Prof. Hongwen Jin, Associate Dean, graduated from Harbin University of Architecture, majoring in heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineering. He is a member of the HVAC Branch and Architectural Thermal Power Branch of the Architectural Society of China, a council member of the Jilin Province Refrigeration Society, and a vice president and secretary general of the Thermal Power Branch of the Jilin Provincial Civil and Architectural Society.

He published more than 30 papers in the magazines such as "Refrigeration and Air Conditioning", "Compressor Technology" and "Information Science" on heat pump type fresh air ventilation system in experimental research in severe cold regions. Moreover, he obtained 10 patents such as fresh air ventilators based on evaporative cooling technology, hosted 12 researches and applications of composite heat sources under complex load conditions in severe cold regions, and key technologies for boiler high-temperature flue gas dedusting equipment based on ceramic membrane dust removal mechanism.

Law Teik Hua.jpg

Prof. Law Teik Hua, Henan University of Science and Technology, China

Associate Professor, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Research Area: 

                                       Transportation; Road Safety; Traffic User Behavior Analysis

Dr. Teik Hua, Law is Associate Professor at the Civil Engineering Department, Universiti Putra Malaysia and serves as the Head of the Road Safety Research Center He received his Ph D in Road Safety from the Center for Transport Studies at the Imperial College of London He has 20 years experience in road safety research and specialization areas are road crash data and road users’ behavior analysis He has working on multiple national and international research projects that addresses road users’ behavior and road safety issues Dr Law has several influential papers published in the top transportation journals He is also a frequent presenter at national and international conferences.


Prof. Andrew S. Chang

National Cheng Kung University

Research Area: 

Construction management, schedule and cost control, sustainability indicators, green roadways

Prof. Andrew S. Chang is Professor at the Civil Engineering Department and Deputy Director of the Research & Services Headquarters, National Cheng Kung University.  He received his PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of California at Berkeley. Moreover, he is CEO of Engineering Management Master Program of Engineering College( 5/12 – 7/15), Vice Dean of Art Center and Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. His research areas are construction management, schedule and cost control, sustainability indicators, green roadways. 

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