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Welcome Dr. Morteza Hosseini from Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands to be committee member!

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Dr. Morteza Hosseini, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Research Area: 

- Sustainability in built environment;

- Interactive kinetic facade

- Responsive architecture, Vernacular architecture;

- Thermal/visual comfort in outdoor/indoor environments;

- Architecture for well-being and health.

Research Experience:


2018- Present

- Doctoral candidate in Smart Architectural Technology

- Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of the Built Environment - Netherlands

- Thesis Title: Improving occupants’ visual comfort using kinetic façade design in response to dynamic daylight



- Master of Science (MSc) in Architectural Engineering

- Sariyan Institute of Higher Education- Iran

- Thesis Title: Residential tower design with emphasis on connection between structure and Malaysia



- Bachelor of Civil Engineering 
- Shomal University of Amol- Iran



- Hosseini, M., Mohammadi, M., Rosemann, A., Schröder, T., & Lichtenberg, J. (2019). A morphological approach for kinetic façade design process to improve visual and thermal comfort: Review. Building and Environment, 153, 186-204.


- Hosseini, M., Mohammadi, M., & Guerra-Santin, O. (2019). Interactive kinetic façade: improving visual comfort based on dynamic daylight and occupant's positions by 2D and 3D shape changes. Building and Environment165, [106396].


- Hosseini, S. M., Mohammadi, M., Rosemann, A. L. P., & Schröder, T. W. A. (2018). Quantitative investigation through climate-based daylight metrics of visual comfort due to colorful glass and orosi windows in Iranian architecture. Journal of Daylighting5(2), 21-33.

Important Dates

Submission DeadlineMar.16, 2021



Notification Date5 days after submission



Registration Deadline:Mar. 19, 2021



Conference DateMar. 19- 21, 2021


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Changchun Institute of Technology


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